We are constantly designing new and exciting


. Most of our letterboxes are in segments allowing for different Combinations.

Letterboxes can be left in the sandstone finish and do not need to be sealed as we add the right ingredients during the manufacturing process.
The Medusa is the new member of our letterboxes. It is a one piece with a rebate allowing slate to be attached. The picture bellow shows the medusa with therebate .This rebate section can also be left creating interesting lines. Be creative and instead of slate our customers have used timber slats, pebbles and glass.
  The examples below show the Medusa with Perspex, slate, timber slats and laser cut screens. Remember colour and laser cut screens are endless. Front plates are available in A4 size, standard and modern.
Always new designs. Again the medusa letterbox with a circle laser cut screen and white Perspex. This letterbox has been painted in woodland grey.
Letterboxes are available with or without a paper ring. You will find on our brochure the Regent and Oxford letterbox, both with A4 letterplates. Perfect if you have delivered magazines and larger parcels.

We have for some time now been asked by our customers to manufacture a simple modern letterbox. The VOGUE LETTERBOX is now available with a modern front plate. Size 340 x 340 x 920mmH

The vogue can be personalised. This vogue letterbox has been painted in grey with a laser cut screen to make it your own.







     Metal letterboxes available in standard colours:
red, silver, woodland grey and primrose
Colour match also available
*Key Lock
*Paper holder
*Internal Bolt Design
*Available in 2 sizes
390 x 285 x 900mmH
390 x 285 x 1120mmH


Below from left
Mayfair, Medusa, Provincial with tall base, Provincial with  small base. Madison Letterbox
sandstone letterboxes

Below is THE REGENT with the Modern Letterplate and decal letters. This plate is new and is available in a variety of colours. The writing can be in numbers or words. This plate can be installed on a number of our letterboxes and fence pillars replacing the standard plate. The opening is also wider catering more for the A4 size mail without being overpowering.

Another new letterbox - The Avenue
(Can also be made as a pillar for fencing)
The Avenue is featured in Adelaide for the Westwood Project by Urban Pacific
This pillar is made in 3 sections allowing a section to be removed or extra sections to be added. Great for 2 or 3 dwellings next to each other. (As pictured measurements are 340 x 340 x 1300mmH)