Affordable, stylish and contemporary



rattan) furniture

has now arrived at Flavio Sandstone come in and have a look at the amazing new styles of furniture exclusive to the Flavio Outdoor range.

Synthetic Rattan looks similar to natural rattan but has the advantage of being weatherproof and will not fade or shrink over time. Providing a classic yet extremely durable finish that is weather proof, fully washable and mould resistant.

Combining the benefits of classic design in a durable, washable, mould resistant and UV resistant finish at an affordable price.
The frame is made from 100% powder coated aluminium and will not rust. These products are made to last in our extreme Australian climates.

Easy to maintain the Flavio Outdoor Range will provide years of service and will compliment your outside ( or inside ) living space.
The most exciting aspect of ordering furniture from Flavio is that you can at any time order covers  only, to change the look of your setting. Even at the point of purchase you can order more sets of covers.

Rattan and cushions available in different colours. We have all colour samples available so you can choose with confidence your colour cushions and lounge covers.

Furniture can be delivered all over Australia.
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         The following 3 photos are from a happy customer in Adelaide.


The following chairs are available in brown, black, mixed brown, white and tan.

      open chair          Standard wide         Standard Chair

   These chairs are available with any of our 
   table combinations.

   Other styles are available and can be ordered
   from our suppliers at any time.

    Weave Chair


Chelsea Setting
One double sofa 160 x 85 x 70cm
Two single seats 90 x 85 x 70cm
One coffee table 66 x 66 x 28cm
One footstool 66 x 66 x 28cm
A very comfortable setting with 10cm seat cushions and back cushions are extra thick in a triangular formation.

Square Table 1.5m x 1.5m with black tempered glass inlay and a modern square pedestal leg

Table with pedestal leg 2.2L and 1.2mW
This table with no legs on the corners allows up to 10 chairs.
Table top is available with clear glass top or black inlay glass top and rattan border as pictured below.

Tapas Table with bench available with black inlay glass and rattan in an open weave
Table 1.68mL x 75cmW
Bench each 1.39mL x 59 x 84cmH

183cmD x 73cmH and 5mm clear tempered glass.
Four high back chairs curved - 88cmH and 183cm wide, with 8cm cushions.
Also available with table measurement 150cmD and matching curved chairs

Fairmont Lounge (4 x sections)
Two long sofas 2.8mL (1.4mL each) and
Two footstools 1.25mL each

Storage Seat Box
150 x 70 x 30cmH
Waterproof layer on the top cover and a water proof bag with zipper inside the storage box. perfect for around the pool or even indoor as a toy box.


Leaf Lounge- 42 x 86 x 254cmL
Leaf Side Table- 44 x 48 x 61cm

Jessica Hanging chair
85 x 70 x 200cmH

Table 3 with six or eight Jessica Chairs
Table 220 x 100 x 75cmH
Chair 62 x 90 x 90cmH
Table top available with either clear tempered glass or black tempered inlay glass (as pictured above)

Table 3 with eight standard chairs

Trent 8- piece Corner Lounge (As pictured 2.65 x 3.4m)
Coffee table 76 x 76 x 30cmH
Three single sofas(without armrest) 75 x 90 x 64cmH
one cnr sofa 90 x 90 x 64cmH
Footstool 65 x 60 x 30cmH
Cushions 15cm thick

Trent 3-piece lounge setting - FROM $2230
Coffee table 76 x 76 x 30cmH - available with full glass top
One single sofa 110 x 90 x 64cmH
Long sofa (3 x sections) 2.75mL
Cushions 15cm thick
Extra single chair also available

Trent -Sunlounge with resting table
2mL x 65 x 25cmH
Table 1.2mL x 45 x 50cmH

 Two armcahirs,  2 - seater sofa and a coffee table

3 Piece chat setting

Two single sofas 90x90x64cm
Coffee table 60x60x30cm, with clear 5mm tempered glass top
Sofas with 8cm seat and back cushions

Two single sofas 90 x 90 x 64cm
long sofa 1.7 x 90 x 64mmH
Coffee table 60 x 60 x 30cm, with clear 5mm tempered glass top

                                               Orbit with canopy
   Lounge 168 x 168 x 80mm with 10cm cushions, pillows and canopy
                                         (waterproof covers available)
Circular Lounge

Circular Lounge
Lounge diameter 180mm with cushions (waterproof covers available)

Round Lounge with Footstool
Lounge 1.17m x 1.55mm
Footstool 67cm x 1m
Stackable Two
Two sofas W76xD76x70cm, with cushions One table Dia58x48cm, with clear tempered glass top Aluminium frame powder coated and PE-PVC wicker
Ryan Sofa Set 1 - 7-piece (As pictured 3m x 3m)
One coffee table 125x75xH30cm, with clear tem pered glass top.
 Two long sofas 140x90xH64cm.  
 Two single sofas (without armrest)75x90xH64cm
One single sofa (with armrest) 90x90xH64cm
One corner sofa 90x90xH64cm

Ryan Sofa Set 2 - 6 piece (As pictured 2.5m x 2.5m)
5 x sections to create cnr sofa
Footstool 75 x 75 x 30cmH
10cm seat and back cushions

Jake with black covers and same lounge below in white covers
Jake- 6 piece (As pictured 2.4m x 2.4m)
Two side sofas 80x80x36cm
Two sofas with back 80x80x60cm
One corner sofa 80x80x60cm
One coffee table 80x80x28cm, with clear tempered glass top Aluminium frame powder coated and PE-PVC wicker, with 10cm cushions
Bar and Stools
Six benches 36x36x78cm
 One table 220x80x110cm with clear tempered glass top
Aluminium frame powder coated and PE-PVC rattan

Table 1 with chairs
Six chairs 60x64x89cm, with 5cm cushions
One table 220x90x75cm, with 5mm clear tempered glass top
Aluminium frame powder coated and PE-PVC wicker
Chairs can be purchased separatly

Table 2 with chairs
Six chairs 57x66x88cm, with 5cm cushion
One table 213x100x75cm, with clear tempered glass top
Aluminium frame powder coated and PE-PVC wicker
Chairs can be purchased separatly

Table 3
Table available with 6 or 8 chairs
Table 220 x 100 x 75cmH
Chairs 60 x 63 x 90cmH with 5cm cushion
Table available with either clear tempered glass (as pictured) or black tempered inlay glass.
Table with 8 chairs $1990

Table SC-A7197
Ten x chairs 60x60x86cmH
Table 230x160x75cmH with 5mm clear tempered glass

Curtis Compct Table and Chairs (A7199)
Six chairs and four footstools
Table 190x120x75cmH, black tempered glass top
(waterproof cover available)
B1078-3 Sun Lounge
780x2080x620mm, with 5cm cushion
B9508 Sofa Set
Two single sofas(with armrest) 75x75x67cm
One sofa 180x75x67cm and two footstools 50x50x30cm
With 10cm seat and back cushions
B8869 Sun Lounge
2000x760x320mm, with 5cm cushions
B8888 Sun Lounge
1960x730x530mm, with 5cm cushions
With gas pump folding system, with wheels and teak wood armrest
B6010 Storage Box
Thick PP layer on the top cover and a waterproof bag with zipper inside box
O1675-1 Vase