We have a wide range of sandstone pots that can be made in a number of colours such as Chocolate and  charcoal.

Our designs are simple and dateless.

We can provide two pots for  your front entrance or pots around the swimming pool. We also provide for restaurants and cafes to suit the alfresco feel.

Many of our pots can be located in shopping Centres and offices.

Many of our customers are asking us about our sandstone pots in different colours.

The answer is that all our sandstone products are made in Australia, Adelaide and all products including the pots contain a sealer which allows the product to be painted with any outdoor paint. If you require a specific charcoal, brown or even orange or red it is all possible. Colour can be fun and if we have the shape you like then colour is easy. If you don't have time to paint your pots just let us know and we can do it for you - easy.