Below is the Flavio Sandstone new

Wood Fired Oven

built form scratch to any size, both for domestic and commercial use.
We can build your new wood fired oven with any front to suit your decor. This oven is featured in our showroom and we chose the chocolate brown brick. These ovens come with an internal light and a glass front door.

Today the wood fired oven is the most appreciated method of cooking. It is used in restaurants, cafés, bakeries, hotels, wineries and most of all, at home in backyards, to make


bread and dishes. There is no cooking appliance that would give more pleasure to someone who appreciates cooking than a wood fired oven.
Flavio Sandsone has what we believe the best genuine wood fired ovens in Australia.  We have proudly introduced the wood fired oven since 2000.

The DOM1100 is available as one unit that can be delivered to your home  and positioned to begin cooking. If this option is not possible we can offer the kit oven that can be built by the DIY (complete with all instructions and materials).
We also offer another unique service. Flavio Sandstone can build to your measurements a genuine wood fired oven and incorporate it into any outdoor kitchen designed by the Flavio team.