The DOM Kit Wood Ovens are now availble at Flavio Sandstone.

The complete kit comprises of: pre cast dome + floor + door + arch + granite panel + temperature gauge + 3 x flue kit + insulation + chicken wire

Danatello, Rafaello and Leonardo kit ovens are designed with weight in mind. The dome is in 4 section that connect. The picture above shows one of the pieces. The floor is also in 4 sections as pictured above. Take note of the entrance as it is quite large allowing for different size trays to be used.
Imagine cooking roasts, pasta and fish dishes.

Both Michelangelo 1 and 2 have been designed with a one piece dome and floor. The entrance is slightly smaller and perfect for smaller areas.


Available in Tumbled Stone The kit oven on the left is the Michelangelo 2.
The stand to the right is available and suits the larger ovens.